Who am I?



I have a degree in Psychology which I started in Valencia. Afterwards, I obtained a grant to specialize in “Clinical Psychology” at Staffordshire University.

I began working at Mental Health Public Services in Valencia in the Area of Psychiatry. At the same time I started practicing psychotherapy in the private area in which I was part of an Interdisciplinary Team that aided children, adolescents and adults with diverse pathologies. At that time, my interest in children and adolescents led me to specialize in the treatment of infancy and adolescence at the Spanish Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents. At a later date I became a member of this society.

Psychosomatic illnesses and pathologies also awoke my interest and I attended different courses on these themes at the Institute for Psychosomatic Studies and Medical Psychotherapy. Currently, I am a member of this Institute and work with patients with illnesses or psychosomatic problems.

My special interest for Psychoanalysis directed me to begin studying with prestigious psychoanalysts from the Psychoanalytical Association of Madrid (Spain), the Psychoanalytical Association of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and the British Psychoanalysis Association. Subsequently, I was admitted to the Institute of Psychoanalysis of the Psychoanalytical Association of Madrid (component society of the International Psychoanalytical Association) in order to achieve my official training as a psychoanalyst in this Institution. After intense years of work and study, I finished my training at the Institute of the Psychoanalytical Association of Madrid and I became a member of this society. I was member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the APM, also a member of the Committee of the Department of Children and Adolescents of the APM. Since January 2017, I am part of the board of directors of the Psychoanalytic Association of Madrid.

From my beginnings in this profession, I have collaborated with different centres and organizations such as : high schools, nursery schools, associations for mental healthcare, public cultural centres and associations, and non-governmental organizations. These collaborations have consisted in giving conferences and workshops, as well as in the realization of distinct types of interventions, orientations and advising related to the field of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Mental Health Prevention. At the same time, I have written and published several articles in scientific and professional journals on various topics.

I have also collaborated within the business world by having organized workshops and courses for directors and employees whose desired to acquire an in-depth understanding about the dynamics of human organizations and groups. In this area I started working as a psychological advisor and counsellor for the International Company ICAS, carving out the functions of giving psychological counselling and advising for employees and company clients by treating problems and personal and work related difficulties. Later, I went advisor, mentor and psychological consultant to executives and employees of companies, and I gave lectures, conferences and workshops within the business, both in multinational organizations (CISCO, ORACLE, etc) and professional platforms at European level and SMEs.

Throughout my life I have also been in close contact with the artistic and cultural world. My interest in it has led me to collaborate in different creative processes by counselling and coaching artists from different genres. In this area, I have advised and mediated during moments of creative crises. As well, I have helped to initiate and develop various artistic and cultural projects. From this perspective, I have also contributed to the in-depth study of these creations and works of art while working on the psychological aspects of these compositions. Within this field  art and culture, I have attended different philosophy, literature, film and music courses and conferences, and I have given various talks and written articles on “Cinema and Psychoanalysis”. I also took part in its origins of the group of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid of “Psychology and Audiovisual Media/Theatre Arts” , which collaborates with the promotion of Psychology within the audiovisual and theatre art environments.

Regarding private practice, with which presently I dedicate the majority of my time, I work as a psychologist-psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in Madrid with adults, adolescents and children with varied problems and pathologies. I also work with families and couples as well as with groups with distinct objectives, from the psychological support and counselling angle to the educational, giving courses and workshops of diverse natures.

I am a member of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid (COP) . I also hold the titles of Specialist in Clinical Psychology by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and of Specialist in Psychotherapy by the European Federation of Psychotherapy Associations. I’m also part of the Division of Psychology of Work, Organizations and Human Resources General Council of Associations of Psychologists (PTORH) and the Division of Psychotherapy of the College of Psychologists of Madrid.

I have participated actively in different conferences, activities and congresses from : the Psychoanalytical Association of Madrid, the International Organization for Psychoanalysis Studies, the British Society of Psychoanalysis, the Institute for Psychosomatic and Medical Psychotherapy Studies, the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents, the European Society of Psychopathologies for Children and Adolescents and the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid.

I am in close contact with other professionals from my field and sphere of work whom I can recommend if the occasion is needed. I also participate in interdisciplinary collaborations with people from different scientific and cultural fields. I frequently collaborate with psychiatrists, lawyers and psychologists from diverse specializations and schools.

Throughout my life as well as at the present moment, I have had the opportunity and the experience to relate to people from different cultures and nationalities. I respect all types of cultures, beliefs and ideologies, and I am interested in all types of problems that are related with cross-cultural migration and adaptation to new socio-cultural environments. I work with people from different cultures and nationalities in advising and counselling in English.

I’m also part of the Platform of Experts of Spain which includes the names of prominent professional women from different sectors and has the support of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE), the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equal and numerous companies.

I am available for any type of consultation, collaboration or enquiry, and it is my hope that my background and studies may of help for all those who request my professional services.

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